Film Review: Creed Is Absolutely Brilliant

Exams are over! (And the fact I’ve not posted about them probably tells the story of how ‘well’ they’ve gone)

Like the true rock’n’roll star I am, my first Friday night of freedom consisted of watching Creed on DVD. And I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. It’s easily the best film I’ve seen, and the best Rocky instalment in years.

Ok, technically it’s not even a part of the Rocky franchise. The Ryan Coogler film is a spin-off and the first film in the series where Rocky doesn’t fight. Knowing this beforehand, I was a little sceptical. But it’s genuinely an absolute cracker.

Creed sees Sylvester Stallone pass the torch on to Michael Jordan (not the basketball legend) who plays the leading role of Adonis Johnson. However, Rocky is still very much an integral part of the story, which is underlined by the fact Stallone won a Golden Globe,  and, without giving too much away, it definitely sees his character come full circle. With Creed 2 already in the offing, it’s a little hard to see where Rocky’s character can go from here, especially as the last scene of the film at the top of the Philadelphia steps is the perfect ending. If this is to be Stallone’s final appearance in his most iconic role, it’s a far greater ending than the Rocky Balboa film. And a million times better than Rocky V.

The main plot, surrounding Johnson, fits in nicely with the Rocky franchise. But I think the real charm is that this film could quite happily sit on its own. This is one of the most interesting boxing films of recent years and, by the end, you’re definitely rooting for the main star. It doesn’t quite replicate the emotions of Rocky, but I don’t think any other boxing film could.

Johnson’s character is made far more compelling due to the troubled childhood depicted in the early scenes – again, I don’t want to give too much away, but this is more than just a boxing film.

There’s a few humorous moments in the film too, with Rocky misunderstanding the Cloud being a nice touch referencing the generational gap. My only disappointment with the film was that Tony Bellew, who I love as a fighter, didn’t really do it for me in his role as Ricky Conlon.

Despite that minor letdown, this film packs a punch from start to finish. If included in the Rocky series, I’d have it as my third favourite – behind I and IV – and that should tell you how highly I rate the movie.

I’m not gonna give it a rating as I’m not a critic. But if you’re a Rocky fan, go and buy it. You will not regret it.

What Was The Point Of #HayeDay?

Ok, I’m not the biggest boxing fan in the world. However, last night’s showing on Dave offered a rare opportunity to watch some live boxing. Better still, two former heavyweight champions of the world – who are destined to meet later this year no less – were on the card. That’s gotta be a recipe for a good night, right?
Wrong; not just wrong, but disastrously wrong.

The Shannon Briggs V Zarate fight was an utter joke. Within 10 seconds, you could tell it wasn’t going past round one… and that’s coming from an openly casual supporter. Oh well, at least it offered a longer time slot for building excitement ahead of the main event. Or at least it should’ve been.

Dave’s coverage was awful. The sound was out of sync with the visual, which makes it very difficult to watch. You could accept it on a live stream, but it’s unacceptable for a TV broadcaster. The only time they did get the sound right was when Lethal Bizzle randomly started performing. In truth, that’s the one time when sound problems would have been welcomed.

The headline event was never going to last the 10 rounds. I think we all expected a pretty quick knockout. After all, Haye was priced 1/100 with the bookmakers. Nevertheless, an opponent with a record of 21-0 should’ve at least posed some questions. The only question we were left asking was “where the hell did they find this chump?”.

One big hit, and Gjergjaj was down. He might as well have been out too; the fight had been knocked out of him. I’m just surprised he made it to round two. Once there, being knocked down by a left jab was just laughable. Even the final knockdown was a little tragic. Terrible fight.

The most exciting moment of the night came when Briggs and Haye started mouthing off at the end. But that was ruined by the fact Dave cut away from the action.

In truth, Barry Hearn summed it up best with his Tweet: “Terrible night for boxing. Awful TV Production. Embarrassing.”

I sincerely hope Haye’s third fight since the comeback brings a vast improvement. Otherwise, I might have to stop watching him altogether.

The Alternative Way To Watch Live Football

Like many students, I quite like football but can’t afford to watch it as often as I’d like. And I’m not just talking about at the stadium either. Let’s not beat around the bush; Sky, BT and other satellite packages are a rip off.

If you’re a student that can afford the monthly fee of nearly £100, then I’ve got two words for you….and the second one is off. For the rest of us, this kind of expense simply isn’t an option. Hitting the student bar is a solution but you still need to buy drinks. Then you’ve also got to deal with the professional commentators being swapped for some knobhead in the pub that thinks he knows everything. Nah, not for me.

I’ve stomached it for the big games. But for most of the year, I’ve just settled for missing out. I suppose it’s good news for my studies (although the comedy DVDs have sorta ruined that anyway) but I’ve just found a way around it. And it doesn’t involve illegal streaming either.

Instead, it involves streaming through the betting sites. I didn’t know this until reading a piece on TVBet in the week, but they show La Liga, Bundesliga and French games on Bet365. I knew the bookie screened some of the minnow leagues, but this was news to me.

OK, so it’s not English stuff, but it’s a lot better than nothing. To be truthful, I now feel like I’ve got BT Sport on my laptop. It’s not the perfect solution, but for a student, it’s well good. If you like a gamble, watching the game live puts you in a better position to make educated predictions too.

Anyway, just thought it might be useful for some of you. I best get back to procrastination studying for my last exams.

Make Money Whilst Playing Fifa? Don’t Mind If I Do

I can’t be the only one that got a little jealous seeing Mohamed Al-Bacha winning $20,000 at the FIFA Interactive World Cup a couple of weeks back. I mean, the 17-year-old has literally just won a sh*t load of cash for playing videogames, and is now bound to be receiving big money for interviews and marketing opportunities. Lucky bugger. Continue reading Make Money Whilst Playing Fifa? Don’t Mind If I Do

England Are In The T20 Final!

I don’t like cricket, oh no; I love it!

Ok, I admit I’m not usually the biggest fan in the world. Sitting through a five day test match just doesn’t make sense in modern society. However, the Twenty20 matches are great. I’ve only ever seen two matches live in the stadium, and one of them was for a mate’s stag do, but they do offer a few hours of great drama. Continue reading England Are In The T20 Final!