Life On The Road: A Tragic End For Our Favourite Tragic Comedy Character

Everyone who has ever known me will confirm that I love the Office. For me, David Brent is the ultimate comedy character. But you can have too much of a good thing, and Life On The Road sadly proves it.

I’ll be honest, I’d read some pretty poor reviews before watching at the cinema. I hoped that those reviewers were being overly critical to try and make a name for themselves. Sadly, they weren’t.

Life On The Road lacks everything magical in the Office. The ensemble may be there in physical presence but (Doc Brown) aside, they offer nothing. I think the absence of Tim, Dawn, Gareth and co. was always going to have an impact. However, I didn’t expect it to be quite so clear.

In truth, even the mockumentary style felt a little abandoned at times. Sure, there were some talking head features that produce some of the funnier throwaway lines. But there are long period where it doesn’t feel like a fake documentary. For me, the format just doesn’t translate to the big screen.

The most worrying part of the film, though, is that Brent feels like a tired character. I must admit that some of the YouTube clips posted since the Equality Street video had been a little ‘take it or leave it’ in my opinion. Back in a sitcom / film, I genuinely thought Brent would be back to his best.

Some of the reviews I read suggested that it’s just a case of times moving on, but I don’t think that was the entire issue. If I stick on an Office DVD tonight, I’ll be cracking up. Personally, I felt that the blind spot of comedy wasn’t there. In the series, the humour derives largely from Brent’s delusions. In LOTR, you just feel a little sorry and a lot agitated.

Brent was meant to be a manager, and that misunderstood power was crucial. Without it, he’s just a bit of a knob. I guess there’s also a big difference between being thirty-ni…30-summin, and being in your fifties too. For me, the poor execution of Brent’s best elements is the film’s biggest downfall.

Does Geravais simply miss Merchant’s writing? Is Brent best left for the small screen? Does Brent need to be in an office environment to be funny?

All three factors could be argued, along with various others. Ultimately, though, it all results in a pretty disappointing film. Of course, Gervais still has the ability to produce some fantastically funny moments, but they are far and few between. I’m sure LOTR will make load of money, but it has tainted the legacy of Brent quite a lot.

Even when the film is released on DVD, I’ll be sticking to my Office boxset.

A-Level Results Day: Ahh The Memories

For thousands of students across the country, today was judgement day. Receiving your A Level results is one of the scariest moments in your life.

Was the decision to take on two years of further education (while some of your friends took jobs and now have tons of money at the weekends) worthwhile? Essentially, that question will be answered by three little letters. That’s right, because those three letters could dictate your entire future.

My results day seems a lifetime ago, but I remember it vividly: waking up with beads of sweat, unable to eat, and arriving at school earlier than I had on any day in the previous seven years. Looking around that hall, it became quite clear that the weeks of “I’m not really bothered” were utter rubbish. And I wasn’t the only culprit.

I’ll openly concede that I was a little crushed when opening my results. B.B.C – it might have been good if I was aiming for a career in TV. But no, I want to work with computers, and my results weren’t enough. At least my disappointment wasn’t televised, unlike this poor chap.

Thankfully, I managed to sneak into my second choice Uni through clearing. I guess, the moral of the story for anyone that got poor results today is that it doesn’t need to be the end. Things happen for a reason. Use this as part of your learning curve, and you should be just fine.

Nevertheless, I’m bloody glad that I didn’t have to relive it this morning. Although, I must admit, I wish I was out clubbing tonight. Whether celebrating or drowning your sorrows, it’s one of the best nights of your life. Whatever results you received, it’s the end of an era. If you did get your results today, make sure you bring down the curtain in style.

Is PES Finally Back To Challenge FIFA?

For many years, it was the biggest dilemma facing any gaming football fan: PES or FIFA. However, over the past five seasons or so, it’s been EA Sports all the way as Konami’s titles have failed to battle back against the online capabilities of the FIFA series. But that could be about to change.

FIFA16 was the first time since the release of FUT that I felt a little shortchanged. I don’t know if it was the bugs, or the slightly annoying gameplay. Either way, something was missing in the EA title this season. I’ve got to admit, I’m more than willing to give Pro Evo a chance in 2017.

Having just seen the trailer, those sentiments have been underlined emphatically. The PES 2017 video released earlier today is magnificent. The graphics finally look ready to rival FIFA while the teaser for what Master League mode might look like is quite tantalising too. I don’t think the create-a-club will be as good as FIFA Ultimate Team. But to be honest, I’d be happy to sacrifice this if PES is a more enjoyable game.

When I was first getting into gaming, it was always a case of PES boasting the gameplay and FIFA boasting the looks. If Pro Evo can wrestle back the dominance in gameplay, I think the quality of graphics is more than adequate to give FIFA a real run for its money.

Will PES earn more money in FIFA? Not in Europe. However, 2017’s edition could be a changing of the guard where Konami are relevant once more. Let’s hope so, because it can only be good for both games.

My only worry looking at the video is that it might still feel a little clunky in places. However, I could label that allegation at FIFA too.

Either way, I’ll definitely play the demo with an open mind.



Pokemon Go Is So Pointless

As some of my previous posts have probably shown, I definitely consider myself a gamer. Unsurprisingly, since Thursday I have have friends, family and pretty much anyone I’ve ever spoke to stating “I bet you love Pokemon Go!”.

I can tell you now that I don’t.

For anyone that’s avoided the latest craze, it’s Pokemon in real world environments. Essentially, you walk the local area in hopes of seeing a Pikachu or other furry creature pop up on screen. There’s only one problem – it’s not real.

I know that none of the games I play are real, but it’s a sense of escaping. Approximately six minutes after downloading Pokemon Go, I felt like a massive dick. It’s not virtual reality it’s not a fun adventure. It’s nothing. And I simply cannot fathom how many people love it.

I’m not even going to rant about the impact it has on your battery or how it’s already caused accidents from people not paying attention to the real world. But I will say that I’d rather play one of the Nintendo DS games any day.

I get that it’s a quirky idea but, seriously, come on. If you haven’t played it so far, just save yourself the hassle.

I’ll Never Need COD Or FIFA Again!

I love my computer games, but I genuinely don’t think I’ll ever need a console again. I’ve just discovered a way to play some old classic on my computer. And I am LOVING it.

I’ll never know how I cam across Gog, but it’s essentially a website where you can download game to your computer. It’s a paid service, a little like Steam, but the prices a re brilliant and I’m suddenly playing games that I’ve wanted to all my life.

Earlier today, I downloaded Theme Park. My Uncle Mark used to always tell me about how great it was on the Mega Drive. I think he even had it as a CD Rom back on his old desktop computer. Anyway, I’ve digressed through excitement. Anyway, I’ve finally got my hands on it and he wasn’t telling porkies. It is AMAZING.

Of course it’s simple. But I love it. I’ve played a couple of other simulator games like Rollercoaster Tycoon, but this is a million times better. Seriously, I can’t believe I’ve gone my life without this game. And better yet, Gog also has Theme Hospital, which I’ve heard great things about.

I’m sure there are other websites of a similar ilk on the market. I might even dig those out at some point. For now, though, spending £5 on Theme Park seems a million times better than buying a couple of Gold Packs on FIFA Ultimate Team.

Let’s face it; I’m not gonna find a cheaper form of entertainment between now and the start of next year’s uni. Although, I must admit, I might need to uninstall it once September arrives. Otherwise, my productivity could suffer.

But still, what a game. And what a deal.

If you’re a gamer like me, you’ll love it.

My Reaction To Anthony Joshua V Dominic Breazeale: The Gloves Are Off

As I’m not back at my parents until next Wednesday, I couldn’t watch The Gloves Are Off when it was originally broadcast on Sky Sports. Thankfully, some legend uploaded it to YouTube so I managed to watch it this morning.

After watching the 22 minute showdown, I’m extremely excited about the big fight night on June 25th. In fact, my enthusiasm for the IBF Heavyweight bout is bigger than my anticipation for Euro 2016. Continue reading My Reaction To Anthony Joshua V Dominic Breazeale: The Gloves Are Off